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Farriers from all over New Zealand and Australia competed at the 2017 National Farrier Competition held over 2 days in Fielding on the 4th and 5th of November.  Competitors ranged from apprentices keen to show off what they have learnt to date, to qualified farriers with years of experience behind them.

Judge: Mr Mark Innes, (Newcastle, Australia – originally from Scotland); assisted by Messrs Graham Jones and Des Boswoth.


Event 1 : Save Edge Rasp : Junior Trainees

1st      John Atkinson

2nd    Ryan Smith

3rd     Isaac Chandler-Williams

Event 2 : Mustad : Machine Made

1st      Laine Cameron

2nd    Jock Good

3rd     Bruce MacDonald

Event 3 : Bryant Farrier Ltd : Senior & Improvers

1st      Shane Butcher

2nd    Shayne Smith

Event 4 : Derby Nails : Open Shoeing

1st     Pat Schimanski

2nd   Bruce Donaldson

3rd    Adam Illston

Event 5 : Bryant Farrier Ltd : Intermediate & Improvers Shoeing

1st     Dee Cherrington

2nd   Les Dywer

3rd    Richard Joule

Event 6 : M&J Farrier Supplies Ltd : Speed Forging

1st   Pat Schimanski

2nd  Kane Clayton-Greene

3rd   Bruce Donaldson

Event 7 : Bryant Farrier Ltd : Intermediate Forging

1st   Les Dywer

2nd  Richard Joule

3rd   Michael Tye

Event 8 : St. Croix : Open Forging

1st   Pat Schimanski

2nd  Bruce Donaldson

3rd  Patrick Crowley

Event 9 : Mustad Nails : Draught Horse 3-Man Team

1st:   Pat Schimanski, Jim Bryant, Grant Nyhan

2nd  Mark O’Leary, Bruce Donaldson, Ben Green

3rd   Jordaan Aplin, Adam Illston, John Hawthorne

Event 10 : Home Exhibit

1st   Des Boswoth

John Taft : Junior Highest Points                                                      John Atkinson

KB Crafar : Senior Indentured Apprentice : Highest Points         Shane Butcher

Presidents Challenge : Open Trophy : Highest Points                    Pat Schimanski

Bryant Farrier : Intermediate : Highest Points                                 Les Dwyer

Metal Man : Best Dressed Foot                                                             Laine Cameron

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