Plating – NZ Rules of Racing – Schedule 7

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Revision of the ‘plates’ section of the seventh schedule of the NZ Racing Conference Rules of Racing:

  • All plates must be made of material approved by the NZ Farriers Association Inc.
  • Plates must be properly fitted without protruding beyond the perimeter of the foot and securely nailed as follows: 
    1. Tips by not less than 4 (four) nails.
    2. Three-quarter plates by not less than 5 (five) nails
    3. Full plates by not less than 5 (five) nails; with nails placed and clinched to the satisfaction of the Plates Inspector.


  • No projections shall be permitted other than nail heads which must no protrude more than 1.6mm. Heeled plates or caulks are not permitted in flat races. Heels shall be permitted on hind feet only in Jumping Races. Heels on plates must be turned back and blocked no less than 13mm in length and heels no higher than the thickness of the material. Heels must not protrude beyond the heel of the foot and the inside heel must be bevelled and flush with the foot. No stab heels permitted.
  • Aluminium Plates excluding Bar Plates shall not weight more than 145 grams up to size 7. Allowance of up to 200 grams for the larger sized foot is given.
  • Plates may be lined with rubber, leather or other suitable material not exceeding 6mm thickness as approved by the NZ Farriers Association Inc. Hoof Protection Pads. Hooves may be lined with the material not exceeding 3mm as approved by the NZ Farriers Association Inc. Aluminium Wedge Front or Hind racing plates shall be permitted under any front or hind foot provided the highest part does not exceed 14mm. No metal, plastic or leather wedges will be permitable. Wedged bars shall be permitted, provided that the entire plate including the bar is in one piece. A bar may be welded to the plate provided that the surface of the bar is level with that of the plate. Forged or Rolled Toe and Side Clips are permitted provided such clips have blunt, rounded edges and do not exceed 15mm in height and 20mm in width. Steel inserts are permitted provided they are level with the surface of the plate.
  • No Inner or Outer Rim Plates, toe grabs or any other protrusions are permitted.
  • Steel Plates are permitted provided they are made out of material no heavier than ½ x ¼ section or corresponding to weights as per Aluminium Plates.
  • Glue-On Horse Shoes have been approved by the NZ Farriers Association Inc. to be worn in races with the following condition:
    • In the event of a shoe being cast during the preliminary to a race or so damaged that it cannot be secured and needs to be removed, the horse must be withdrawn from the race.

Any deviation from the aforementioned shall not be approved unless written permission has been granted from the Stipendiary Stewart prior to race day and presented to the race day farrier one hour prior to start time.

The NZ Farriers Association Inc. will review a list of machine made plates and plate material annually.

The NZ Farriers Association Inc. strongly recommends that horses attending trial days must be plated to comply with Schedule 7 (seven) i.e. trial days are treated as race days.




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