Nigel Fennell clinic, Easter Show

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Nigel Fennel

Nigel Fennell

Clinic with Mr Nigel Fennell (UK) 29th March 2013 at the Auckland Easter Show. $100 per person. 

Nigel Fennell has 23 years’ experience in Farriery and and holds both the Diplomacy and Associate examinations of the Worshipful Company of Farriers as well as an Approved Training Farrier.

He is a dedicated Farriery Competitor and amongst many show wins in the UK his main highlights have included National Industrial Blacksmithing Champion, Two back to back Italian International show Champion Titles (Verona Italy) a British National Champion Medallist and National Suffolk Punch Shoeing Champion culminating to a World Championship finalist in Calgary Canada (2007) & a Finalist at the European Championships in Austria (2012) and seven times representing member in the England Farriery Team.

He is also an included clinician to the Fantastic new Farriery Training website “Know Foot Know Horse” and has given many clinics in the UK as well as Germany and Sweden.

Nigel is also an appointed Judge by the Worshipful Company of Farriers and is now the New Manager to the England Farriery Team. Nigel and his wife Teresa and daughter Poppy live in Yateley only 40 minutes from London and he has run his own shoeing business now for 18 years. Foremans Tools Uk is Nigel’s new Venture Tool business manufacturing Pull offs from his handmade design along with Handmade Tooling blocks and his new Hoof cutters/nippers along with his unique tool branding with the “Foreman’s Angels”.

Nigel’s mentors in the Trade over the years have been many; Colin Smith FWCF Hons, Henry Gregory , Adrian Devereux, Steven Beane, Darren Bazin, Andrew Cassery, Bob Marshall (Canada) Andy Reader-Smit , Billy Crothers to name a few.

Nigel’s well known saying back home is “To move forward …you must put yourself forward”


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