Gladstone Inn, Wairarapa Shoeing and Forging Competition 2013

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Gladstone Inn, Wairarapa Shoeing and Forging Competition 2013

September 7-8, 2013.


Event 1 :   Save Edge Rasp.. Junior Apprentice              Entry fee $30.00

Dress one foot and make a toe clip front shoe 7/8 by 3/8 concave                          (14 ins) 6 holes E5 (near front)            Time : 30 min.



   Event 2 :     O’Dwyer horseshoes … Senior Apprentice           Entry fee $30.00

Make, fit and nail on one shoe, concave steel to suit and make

a lateral extension front  (steel)     as per specimen                                 

                                                               Time : 50 min


Event 3 :       Bryant Farrier…  Intermediate                              Entry fee  $30.00

Make, fit and nail one shoe on, and make a double calkin                                      as Per specimen                                      Time : 50 min


  Event 4:        St Croix….     Open forging                                   Entry fee  $40.00

Make a Lateral extension front (steel) and a double calkin as

Per specimen                                         Time : 60 min


Event 5 :        Derby nails… Open shoeing                               Entry fee $40.00

Make and fit one pair of ¾ fullered shoes with 2 stud holes

Per shoe (tapped) quarter clips, out of flat bar stock (alternatively,                      if not enough horses , 1 foot only and make welsh cob specimen)

Time 65 min.

  Event 6:          Mustad Machine Made                                       Entry fee $30.00

Dress 1 foot, fit and nail on a machine made shoe

                                                                  Time : 20 min


   Event 7:         M.& J. Farrier supplies Ltd   “Eagle eye”         Entry fee $30.00

Make  shoe fib stock plain stamped 7 nail holes (20×10)

Time 15 min.


  Event 8 :        Metal Man   Speed Forging  Cold start            Entry fee $30.00

Pair front Speed Shoes as per specimens                    Time 20 min.                        


  Event 9:            Mustad Nails….  Draught shoeing                   Entry fee $150.00

Make and fit 1 pair of ¾ fullered shoes,toe clip                            (per team)

(hammer finish up to judge)  steel to suit               Time 70 min


Event 10:            Best dressed Foot                                             Entry fee $10.00

Judge to decide


Judge to have a talk at 7.30 am. First event to start at 8:00

No swapping heats !

The Organiser reserves the right to change or amend running order due to any Unforeseen circumstances

Late entries may not be accepted due to the availability of horses.

Entries to be received 2 weeks before competition.


CONTACT: Marshall Miller 027 2744134   or   06  378 7770  e-mail

Prize money subject to numbers attending 

September 7 – 8, 2013.

Start time both days 8 am sharp

Printable copy and entry form




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