National Final Farriers Competition for 2013

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EILDING A&P SHOW               Date .7th & 8th Dec 13

CONTACT  MR. R. McLEAN  PO BOX 96  WOODVILLE  4945 (06)  376 5607



Event 1 :   Save Edge Rasp.. Junior Apprentice              Entry fee $30.00

Dress one foot and make a toe clip front shoe 16”  1 x½ concave

6 holes E8 (Bilateral)            Time : 30 min.

   Event 2 :     O’Dwyer horseshoes … Senior Apprentice           Entry fee $30.00

Make, fit and nail on one concave shoe and make a

Double calkin hind   as per specimen                            

                                                               Time : 50 min


  Event 3 :       Bryant Farrier…  Intermediate                              Entry fee  $30.00

Make, fit and nail on a concave shoe, and make a welsh cob as

Per specimen                                        Time : 50 min


  Event 4:        St Croix….     Open forging                                   Entry fee  $40.00

Make a tool and fullered front and a square toe hind bar as

Per specimen                                         Time : 60 min

  Event 5 :        Derby nails… Open shoeing                               Entry fee $40.00

Shoe a pair of hinds with cork & wedge (alternatively

If not enough horses,)   1 foot plus double calkin hind                                                                                                            Time 60 min.

  Event 6:          Mustad Machine Made                                       Entry fee $30.00

Dress 1 foot, fit and nail on a machine made shoe

                                                                  Time : 20 min


   Event 7:         M.& J. Farrier supplies Ltd   “Eagle eye”         Entry fee $30.00

Make  shoe fib stock plain stamped 7 nail holes (20×10)

                                                                   Time 15 min.

  Event 8 :        Metal Man    Speed Forging Cold start             Entry fee $30.00

Pair front Speed Shoes as per specimens                    Time 20 min.                        


  Event 9:            Mustad Nails….  Draught shoeing                   Entry fee $150.00

Make and fit 1 pair of ¾ fullered shoes,toe clip                            (per team)

(hammer finish up to judge)  steel to suit               Time 70 min


Event 10:            Best dressed Foot                                             Entry fee $10.00

                             Judge to decide

Judge: TBA

  • Judge to have a talk at 7.30 am. First event to start at 8:00.
  • No swapping heats !
  • The Organiser reserves the right to change or amend running order due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Late entries may not be accepted due to the availability of horses.
  • Entries to be received 2 weeks before competition.

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