Gut bacteria probed for clues about laminitis and colic

| 10/10/2013 | 0 Comments

laminitisScientists have probed deeper into the micro-organisms that inhabit the horse’s hindgut, in the hopes of casting light on the causes of laminitis and colic.

They say the laboratory technique developed for their research could well provide a convenient and cost-effective means of understanding the microbial dynamics underlying colic and laminitis, and test hypotheses for ways to prevent or interrupt the progress of the diseases.

The researchers identified bacteria in the gut in the Veillonellaceae family that reduced lactate levels, which they said could ultimately prove useful in gaining insights into the mechanisms of recovery or resistance. The bacteria could even lead to probiotics to prevent starch-induced colic and laminitis, they said.

University of Massachusetts researchers Amy Biddle, Samuel Black, and Jeffrey Blanchard had their findings published in the peer-reviewed open-access journal, PLoS ONE.

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