Competition rules

Rules for farrier competitions in New Zealand:

  1. No power tools allowed.
  2. Files can be used on foot or shoe at any time unless otherwise stated. I.e. Hammer finish means no Flatters or set hammers or rasping.
  3. Sandpaper or similar can be used on the foot only.
  4. Only competitors allowed on the floor once competition has started.
  5. No fireman or strikers.
  6. No alteration to clip placement allowed.
  7. Shoe to be selected only after the foot preparation is finished, only one shoe may be obtained at a time.
  8. No person shall inspect or make comment on any work until the said work has been judged and marked.
  9. Only one foot to be worked on at a time.
  10. No clips required.
  11. Flatters allowed unless hammer finish.
  12. If stated on entry form or shoe schedule. bottom tools can be used .
  13. Top tools allowed.
  14. Top tools to be annealed including hammer used as top tool. (for safety reasons.
  15. Junior, Senior & Intermediate competitors are allowed a fireman/striker in their events if they wish.  This does not apply to Speed Forging or Eagle Eye or any Open Event.  This rules applies to all regional events not National Final


General information and rules

1)      All materials for all events will be provided. ie, Steel, Nails, Coke or gas and Forges.

  • Mustad only nails to be used in all events.
  • You can bring your own Mustad nails if you wish.

2)      All the contestants will be provided with competition numbers.

3)      The judges’ marks will be final.

4)      All competitors will report for registration no later than 30 minutes before the start of the first event on each day, for confirmation of their entry and allocation of competitor number.

5)      Timetables will be adhered to and it is anticipated that each day’s competition will finish no later than 4PM.

6)      Competitors will be allocated fire numbers and horses prior to each event.

7)      Cold starts in all events – (steel on anvil).

8)      Pre cut steel in all events is allowed – (square cuts only).

9)      Pre-marking steel is allowed.

10)  Competitors may choose their own length of steel to make specimens if not shown on entry.

11)  All competition entries should be sent out or in Bulletin at least 1 month prior to event.

12)  Entries should contain; accurate details for all events. I.e. Steel section, shoe types, left or right, front or back, nail holes, clips, fullering etc.

  • Time limits should also be on programme
  • A detailed diagram with dimensions should be provided with entry of all specimen shoes.

13)  Judges only can supply specimen shoes if he or she wants, but they must be the same as the ones listed on the programme and not made by a competing Farrier in the event.

14)  Unless stated on programme, (hammer finish) the judge only has the right to decide, and it is (his or hers) job to inform all competitors of their wishes.

15)  If specimens on entry form have dimensions, they must be adhered to.

16)  Points for dimensions should not exceed 20% of total points for that specimen shoe.

17)  a Leaving out features on specimen shoes i.e. fullering, clips, boxing, nail holes etc.,(does not get judged)

b) Any farrier who bleeds horse i.e. prick or overtrimming frog or sole, does not get judged.

18)  No alteration to programme is allowed once sent, unless unavoidable. I.e. Horse numbers, no material.

19)  The judges’ job is to judge only. Any changes to programme or proceedings are the responsibility of the organising committee.

20)  Junior apprentices are not eligible to enter any live shoeing events or senior apprentice.

21)  Junior apprentices can receive help from one person if they wish. Help must be VERBAL only.


Please note: – in the interest of fair competition these rules will be strictly enforced and may only be altered at the discretion of a majority of the competition committee.



Referees and Judges:

The referees’ job is to arbitrate on any decision of disqualification and/or interpretation of the rules as laid down.

Judges should work in close contact with the referee’s.

Any competitor or team must be informed immediately a decision or disqualification is made and any team or competitor may lodge an objection with the referee’s.

The referee is also responsible for keeping the competition area clear or non competitors and any other unauthorised persons.



Only in Coal Forges and 3 man teams.


Competitors comments:

To be sent to Competition Chairman.


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